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Hemp Flower Buyers Guide

Hemp Flower Buyers Guide

By: Nate Weinberg, August 2020

Hemp Flower, often referred to as hemp bud, herb, smoke or hemp nugs is quickly gaining popularity among American adults looking for an alternative to smoking cannabis or marijuana. Many of the negative side effects to smoking cannabis are not present when smoking hemp flower. Dry mouth, red eyes, anxiousness, paranoia can all be attributed to smoking cannabis. However, because of hemp flowers low delta 9 THC level, these negative side effects to smoking cannabis are either reduced or non-existent. Now that hemp is legal in the United States, this article is a helpful tool when shopping for legal hemp flower products online.

Below we’ve compiled the “Hemp Flower Buyers Guide” to help you navigate the process of buying hemp flowers online.

Here are some quick tips to help you start the process of buying hemp flower online:

  • Make sure you’re 18 years of age or older
  • Only shop at reputable websites that have secure credit card transactions
  • Make sure the hemp flower online has certificates of analysis for all of their hemp products
  • Choose USA grown hemp from USDA licensed farms

As you start to do more research about hemp flower, keep in mind that each consumer has their own personal tastes and preferences. Here are some variables that can affect those tastes and preferences as you decide your favorite variety of hemp flower.

Hemp flower contains varying levels of CBD or cannabidiol. CBD potency in hemp flower typically ranges from 10%-25% CBD. A high percentage does not always mean the hemp flower is “better”. Depending on the effects you are looking for lower CBD strains can be highly effective because of the different “terpene” levels they may have. Learn more about terpenes below. Rare cannabinoids like CBG and CBN may also dictate what hemp flower strains you are shopping online for.

Smoking hemp flower is one of the fastest ways to consume CBD, because the CBD hemp smoke calming effects can be experienced almost instantly. CBD products that you eat (edibles, tinctures, etc) take longer because they are consumed through the digestive tract. This process takes longer for the CBD to take effect.

Hemp flower contains many of the same “terpenes” as cannabis. Terpenes are essentially what makes a hemp flower smell so great! Terpenes have therapeutic effects at many levels. Learn more about terpenes at “Terpenes 101”. The combination of terpenes and cannabinoids create what is known as the “entourage effect”. Users will experience a calming sensation due to the entourage effect.

The “high” that comes from delta 9 THC is minimal. The reason being is that hemp flowers, by law, cannot contain greater than .3% delta 9 THC. This bill is outlined in length in the 2018 hemp legislation farm bill, the language can be found here. The farm bill is lengthy to read, but the summary is that hemp flower has been legalized in the United States and is legal to purchase hemp flower online containing .3% delta 9 THC or below. Make sure to always have the certificate of analysis or “COA” when you travel with hemp flowers as it can be mistaken for cannabis or marijuana.

There are numerous hemp strains or “cultivars” available for sale online. These are the genetics of the hemp plant and dictate what levels of cannabinoids are available. As the genetic research of hemp seeds and clones evolves, certain cannabinoids can be isolated. Rarer cannabinoids like CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol) have been making a splash in the hemp industry. These rare cannabinoids are being isolated and studied to learn all the potential positive effects they can have on humans and pets!

When consuming hemp flower, there are a number of ways to go about the process of smoking or vaporizing hemp flower:

  • The easiest and quickest is to buy a metal or glass pipe online or at your favorite smoke shop and pack the “bowl”, light it and inhale. You can purchase high quality hemp flower at
  • Rolling joints is a bit more involved, meaning you have to buy “papers” to roll the joints. There's a great tutorial for rolling joints here. sells already pre-rolled hemp CBD joints that reduce your workload, simply buy hemp joints online, light and enjoy!
  • Vaporizing is very popular, there are a multitude of options for herb vaporizers. Do some research and find one that you can afford and get good reviews online. This will transform your hemp flower into a vapor, a potentially healthier alternative to smoking. Vaporizing hemp flower can also retain many of the cannabinoids because vaporizers are able to control the level of heat they vaporize at. This allows for the more fragile cannabinoids to survive the vaporization process and make it into your body. “Lighting” or “smoking” hemp flower with fire can sometimes be to hot and actually burn off some important cannabinoids.

To summarize the Hemp Flower Buyers Guide, keep this in mind:

  • Not all hemp flowers are created equal, do your research and find reputable online hemp stores like to purchase hemp flower with confidence
  • Experiment with different types of hemp flower to find the best cannabinoid and terpene profile that your body and mind responds to
  • Lastly, HAVE FUN! Hemp flower consumption can be enjoyed in multiple ways and its fun to learn about new creative ways to consume hemp CBD products.

We thank you for reviewing our Hemp Flower Buyers Guide and think it should help in your research of buying hemp flower products online.

Terpy J’s: Premium USA Hemp Joints

Terpy J’s: Premium Colorado Hemp Joints


The wait is finally over; consumers now have access to high-quality, legal hemp joints! Throw those e-cigs out the door and scoop up a tin of Terpy J's today. This joint is a hemp-based product unlike any other on the market. Terpy J's are an excellent combination of Colorado-grown hemp, hemp-derived terpenes, and CBD distillate. These hemp joints are an original product based out of Denver, Colorado but are available to consumers around the world.

The Terpy J Mission

Terpy J's is a locally owned Colorado brand on a mission to provide consumers with a hyper-compliant, consistent, and trustworthy hemp joint. The influx of hemp and CBD products have caused mass confusion amongst consumers. Terpy J's is here to ensure a high-quality, natural, and effective hemp product every time. There are hundreds of hemp-based tinctures, capsules, and lotions available to consumers. Terpy J's is the first genuinely hemp-based joint infused with pure CBD distillate and hemp-derived terpenes.

What Makes Terpy J's Unique?

Terpy J's come from the highest-quality Colorado hemp, which is grown using solely organic farming techniques.

Hemp is tested by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to ensure it is pesticide free.

Every hemp farm working alongside Terpy J's is proud to be a part of the US Small Farmers of America Community.

Terpy J's rolls every hemp joint in a pure CO2 distillate, extracted from quality Colorado hemp. Every batch of hemp is lab tested to ensure there is less than 0.3% THC (Which is the legal amount of THC allowed in any hemp-based product.)

Terpy J's utilizes the same style of compliance and regulation adopted by the Colorado recreational cannabis industry. In every package of Terpy J's, there is a copy of the Certificate of Analysis, which shows the hemp's THC and CBD content. Every Terpy J sent out of their facility is carefully packaged in a doob-tube or golden tin and shrank wrapped to ensure it is child-proof. Terpy J's goes above and beyond to provide their consumers with a
hemp product they can trust.

How are Terpy J's Made?

What makes Terpy J's such a unique and effective hemp product? It is all about Terpy J's advanced and proprietary production process. Every Terpy J starts with a batch of premium Colorado hemp. The hemp is broken down, and quality checked to ensure there are no seeds in their joints. Removing the seeds guarantees a smooth smoking joint that doesn't pop like popcorn when smoked. The hemp is then packed into Raw Natural's premium joint paper to make for a clean and tasty smoke without the film left by other rolling papers.

Once the joint is packed full of quality Colorado hemp, they roll it in a potent CBD distillate. Before they apply the distillate to the joint, the infusion of strain-specific terpenes occurs. Terpy J's has four joint flavors; Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Orange Cookies, and Original Hemp. The natural terpenes used in Terpy J's are non-GMO, organic, and food-grade terpenes. The CBD distillate rolled outside the joint is lab-tested and extracted from an established Colorado lab. Using Terpy J's proprietary infusion method, they ensure an accurate coating with every joint.

To top off an all-ready stellar hemp product, Terpy J's rolls their distillate covered joints in finely ground hemp kief. For consumers aware of the legal market, Terpy J's are similar to a caviar joint without the THC. Terpy J's takes pride in their fine-tuned process, which is set to maintain quality and consistent products for their consumers.

Terpy J's Cares About their Community

Apart from being the first Colorado hemp joint dipped in CBD distillate, Terpy J's gives back to their community more than most hemp companies. By partnering with Farm Aid, Terpy J's makes sure their agricultural partners, and community have the support they deserve. Similar to Farm Aid, Terpy J's seeks to support farmers throughout the country by providing a top-notch hemp joint to the nation.

Terpy J's is proud to donate 10% of all their net profits to

It is an honor for Terpy J's to have the opportunity to give back to their community. The agricultural sector helped to push the growth of industrial hemp nationwide. It only makes sense that the world's first distillate infused hemp joint supports an organization like Farm Aid. Plus, Terpy J's is produced solely from USA sourced material. Terpy J's are an all-American hemp product at the forefront of the industry. Not only are Terpy J's a product which consumers can trust, but one they can take pride in supporting!

Where to Find Terpy J's?

Terpy J's are readily accessible to the average consumer. By keeping their joints below 0.3%

THC, Terpy J's are available nationwide. That said, smoke shops and head shops across the country are beginning to carry Terpy J's. For those consumers who do not like online shopping, ask the local head shop to carry Terpy J's product line. Otherwise, hop online and shop efficiently at Terpy J's website. Their checkout process is easy to go through and only takes a few minutes. Get online and have Terpy J's at your door in no time!

Check out all of Terpy J's products, here!


Terpy J’s Consumer Education: The Rise of American Hemp

Terpy J’s Consumer Education: The Rise of American Hemp


The world of industrial hemp is not an entirely new sector. In fact, the production of industrial hemp dates back thousands of years. Many people forget the United States used to be a significant hemp producer. Thanks to the Reefer Madness era, industrial hemp was tied to cannabis as a whole, and all forms of cannabis production became illegal. Many years later, American hemp is now on the rise. With the federal government pushing for hemp reform, the United States has begun to reintroduce industrial hemp back into the agricultural community. American hemp is taking off, and it has caught our nation by surprise. Here at Terpy J's, the importance of revitalizing American hemp is understood.


The World Before American Grown Hemp


Up until recently, a majority of the industrial hemp available came from overseas. In particular, South Korea has been a significant hemp producer. While these nations have allowed for mass production of industrial hemp, their agricultural programs and regulations do not meet the United States standards. With America's strict FDA and Department of Agriculture, a majority of the outsourced hemp is not at the quality consumer's deserve. Before the rise of American hemp, most of the CBD or hemp-based products came from European/Asian hemp.


Cons of Hemp Sourced Overseas:


Poor rules/regulations regarding compliance and quality of the hemp.

Lack of validated testing assuring proper levels of THC content.

The difference in agricultural regulations regarding organic farming methods.

Outsourcing potential American jobs.


The United States takes pride in its ability to effectively and efficiently regulate our agricultural industry. The FDA alone is extremely strict and stringent on what products they approve for the market. Now that American hemp is on the rise, we see less and less hemp-based products manufactured from overseas hemp. It is vital for consumers to be aware of where their products are made and sourced.


America's Industrial Hemp Industry


Since the rise of medical marijuana, American hemp has attracted the attention of many farmers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs. Even though the federal government is yet to put a final hemp bill into effect, we are nearly there. In fact, the Hemp Farming Bill of 2018 made it

through the Senate vote and is awaiting President Trump's signature within the next couple of months. The new reform would declassify industrial hemp as a schedule 1 drug and make it widely accessible to the agricultural industry.


Pros of Legalized American Hemp:


Heavily regulated with stringent compliance structures in place for all agriculture.

Many states require state licenses or permits to produce, manufacture, or transport industrial hemp.

All industrial hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC.

Distinct organic farming methods are in place.

Hemp cultivation methods are set to maximize efficiency and quality.

All American hemp is lab-tested to ensure legal THC levels and overall quality of the hemp.

Supports local American farmers and boosts the national economy.


As we await the federal hemp reform, individual states are taking action into their own hands. States like Kentucky, Oregon, California, Colorado, Arizona, and many more are all ramping up their hemp production. Some states are further along than others, but it is promising to see a variety of states become a part of this pioneering industry. American hemp will only be on the rise from here, and it is exciting to how much industrial hemp can boost our nation's economy.


Help Terpy J's Support American Hemp


Terpy J's is on a mission to support American hemp by providing consumers with a compliant, reliable, and high-quality hemp joint. Not only does Terpy J's use only American grown hemp, but they also go one step further, and only source their industrial hemp from local Colorado farmers. The state of Colorado has had some time to figure out effective hemp farming methods, and it shows. Colorado hemp is lab-tested, grown using organic farming methods, and is quality checked throughout the entire process. Terpy J's takes pride in using only Colorado-grown hemp due to the state's years of experience mastering cannabis cultivation and compliance.


"10% of all Terpy J's profits are donated to Farm Aid."


Even though Terpy J's sources only Colorado-grown hemp, they attempt to support all American agriculture every way they can. By working with the Farm Aid organization, Terpy J's can assist small farmers throughout America. Having the opportunity to work with an organization such as Farm Aid, is near and dear to Terpy J's. American farming is the backbone of our nation and has been since the beginning. It is vital to continue supporting the growth of American hemp and agriculture across the board.


Be a part of Terpy J's mission to support American hemp by picking up some premium hemp joints, here!